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Saber settles for nothing less than your full satisfaction. Here are a few reasons you can rely on Saber.

Our New President

Saber Services is pleased to announce the promotion of Josh Rhymer to President. Hired in January of 2020, Josh previously served as Corporate Sales Manager and most recently as General Manager.


Josh has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kennesaw State University.


We are confident that Josh will lead the Saber team into continued growth and uphold our commitment to customer satisfaction.

History and Value

Saber Services has come a long way since 1991. Our first major contract was a 3-story medical facility. We eventually found our specialty niche to be manufacturing plants. Today, we service all types of facilities as well as residential homes. Our greatest accomplishment rests in the family of employees that brings intrinsic value to our services. There’s no greater joy than to see a career custodian rise to management level. At Saber, the possibilities are limitless.


Owners: Artie & Georgie Davis

Quick Responders

We depend on our trained staff to carry out the day to day duties that keep our customers happy, but because we are privately-owned, we’re more hands-on than our competitors and able to spend more time focusing on our customer’s needs. Managers, supervisors, and owners are just one call away and are quick to respond when an issue does arise.

Family of Employees

We have an above average employee retention rate primarily because of our intentional focus on creating a family of refined individuals who are proud of their profession. That means we look beyond bottom lines when it comes to who we invite to join us, and we instill value and incentives to keep them. 

Background Screenings, Drug Testing, Dress Code for Easy Identification, and Standards of Conduct

The Saber Way

The Saber Way is a specialized training program we developed in order to ensure that you, the customer, are getting consistent quality for your investment. Our process includes background and drug screening, video and hands on demonstrations, and continual supervisory training. In addition, we use a web based quality control inspection system that is recorded and saved. At any time, you may request reports from our inspections.


Ready to make it a Saber Day?

“Allied Air Enterprises has been in partnership with Saber over 10 years. They are very professional and flexible. They adjust their staffing as our needs change.”

Dan Revord, Manager Facilities/Maintenance

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